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Meet my new baby… the HP Mini Netbook.

Now I’m not a mini device freak…. Netbooks, PDAs or even iPhones. I got my iPhone before everyone else in Malaysia… around November 2007 I think. All I did was use it as a normal mobile phone, played a few games on it, used the super-duper browser once or twice. Then I dropped it a few months ago and since then never bothered to replace it.

HP Mini Netbook

I hope my new baby will be more useful. To tell the truth, I wasn’t planning to buy a netbook yet. My first laptop was actually a sub-notebook some 17 years back, it didn’t give me a great user experience with the 2-tone LCD display and Microsift Windows 3.1 OS. I don’t have any pictures of it to show you, but here’s the new baby…

HP Netbook

I picked up this little fella for RM1,199 at AonePLus Digital Mall in PJ Section 14. So what made me buy it? Actually I was bringing my other baby (a Nikon D3000 SLR Camera) back to the shop for some checking, one day after I bought it. So I stumbled across the little HP and it was cheaper than all the other brands, Acer, Asus eeePCm Toshiba, Samsung (only Dell had a similar price tag). But no, it wasn’t the price that got me. Amazingly there was a really polite and humble salesman who got me hooked. It was a really refreshing change from most of the fast-talking PC sales guys you see in Low Yat and Digital Mall.

HP Mini H110 Netbook

It didn’t occur to me there was no DVD drive until I got home… hmm how am I going to install MS Office and everything else? Simple… just copy the installation files into a thumb drive then stick it into one of the 3 USB ports. Works like a gem.

HP Mini H110-1038TU Netbook

The Specs: Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 1GB Ram, 160GB Hard Disk, Windows XP Home – XP is still a wonderful OS. In a side-by-side comparison, the little baby booted up and shut down faster than other netbooks running Vista and Windows 7.