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KON-BOOT is a project started by a user who obviously have an infatuation for a character on the Bleach anime. Despite the silly sounding name, this bootable CD ISO/Floppy allows you to hack the kernel of Windows and Linux operating systems on-the-fly. The result? Complete takeover of any machine just by being able to have physical access to it.

We often see in movies scenes, illogical sometimes, involving a person facing a problem of having to guess the password to the villian’s computer. Usually there are some creative ways employed that gives the hero inspiration for guessing the correct password, such as glimpses into the villian’s mind, piecing together clues and other literary licenses. However, in real life it’s not always the case.

Kon Boot


For the first time, reality is better than fiction. By inserting this CD and booting the computer from it, the software dynamically patches the kernel of most major Windows and Linux operating systems allowing you to login as the administrator effortlessly. Once you are done, simply execute a command and KON-BOOT will wipe all traces of itself and your victim is none the wiser.

Head on over to the author’s website and snag a copy. It works for all versions of Windows up to 7. The author did not disclose much technical information on how KON-BOOT works, or whether it can be countered via a security fix by Microsoft. Whatever the case, feel proud knowing that you can PWN any password-ed computers you come across now.