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Soft toys are not just for hugging anymore.

Smart-e-bear is a lovable and interactive friend who is fluent in Spanish, French or even Chinese! But yes, it is smart yet very cuddly and huggable. Best of all, your kid doesn’t have to pretend her plush is talking back to her by making the sound all by herself.

Smart e bear

Using Smart-e software, smart-e-bear and his friends (smart-e-dog & smart-e-cat) can sing, play games, tells stories and other educational activities. And don’t be dismayed if you ran out of songs to play for your kids! Just go to their online store and download thousands of songs, fun activities and stories – your kids will not get bored for sure!

Smart e cat

Oh yes, they can be personalized to call your kids by their names. There are 1000 names to choose from!

Smart e dog

It’s actually available just about every toy stores everywhere for about US$79.90. So there you have it, a great companion for your kids! For more on purchase details and other information, check out their website at!