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Google updated our website PageRank again! Have you noticed any difference to your website or blog’s PageRank? Hope yours is doing just fine. 🙂

I am glad to announce that now has a Google PageRank of 5. Haha… I am not really surprised to see this improvement as I have been putting some effort in improving this technology blog. But then, one of the most popular technology blog in Malaysia has PR4 only… this make us thinking… is it even possible for me to overtake him in terms of Google PR, at the very least?…


If you do not have Google Toolbar installed, come here to check your site’s PR, and to verify mine’s.

Now, do you want to consider writing tech articles for a PR5 tech blog? Pay is reasonably well if you can come up with good articles. Time to make money online! It’s easy and fun!

What are the other high PR blogs in Malaysia you can think of? Do list them down… oh, can list your own blog too. 🙂