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Meizu is a brand familiar in China and they have been in the business of making portable media players for quite some time now. They have been hinting at the M8 for close to 2 years now, touting it as an iPhone killer. And finally in December 2008, they have finally launched it in China, and by proxy, all over the world.

Meizu M8

Comparison with the iPhone is inevitable. The similarities are quite a bit, from the exterior (although it is a tad shorter than the iPhone and not as good looking) to the user interface that powers the M8. It’s running a modified version of Windows CE which supports multitouch to the surprise of this author; how they managed to get that working on Windows CE is quite amazing and the screen resolution of 480×320 3.4 inches is just 0.1 inch smaller than the iPhone, although the quality of the screen is noticeably not as good as the iPhone.

Then again, this phone is not as pricey too. Another great addition to differentiate itself from the iPhone is the 3MP camera, which is high enough for most people, but I’m not really keen on phone camera modules coming out of China‚Ķ it’s not just the megapixels that counts, but I suppose pictures will be put up soon for comparison.

iPhone clone

Also, unlike many China phones, this doesn’t come with Dual Sim, which is a huge disappointment as it would have helped the M8 establish itself as a strong brand if this was the case. Unfortunately either due to space or logistical constraints, the M8 only accepts one SIM module. All in all, for a cheaper price, you are getting a close clone of the iPhone, but with not enough features to distinguish itself from the glut of touch-based phones out there, the M8 might be facing some tough competition. It’s one thing to have a cool interface, but another to find enough programs to run on it.