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If you are like me, you will not enjoy looking at the system clock on your Windows computer. It’s so small and not geeky enough. The same with the clock on your desk, it’s just too ordinary for a geek like us! Now, let me present you The Pin Clock which every self-proclaimed geek should own!

The Pin Clock

This nifty digital clock uses up to 3,000 pins to display the hours and minutes of the day. The clock pushes out these pins to display its numbers, and they automatically reshuffle themselves every minute to display the current time.

Although it doesn’t have any exciting specs and won’t illuminate in the night, it’s still absolutely cool. The minute I saw this, I immediately decided I should own this cute digital clock until I saw the retail price on… US$50.95. Well, maybe I need to take a few days to think about it first. 🙂