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ASUS have been in the PDA business for some time how, but they have shied away from headline-grabbing releases, preferring to keep their loyal customers updated via tidbits released here and there. But their latest P565 PDA is sure to turn heads when it’s launched next year.

Asus smartphone

For one thing, this smartphone will be powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 (WM6.1) and run on 3.5G, which is nice but many people have had bad experience with WM6.1, as it is generally slow and sluggish. Well, ASUS plans to remedy this situation in the most basic way possible: throw more processing power at it.

The processor will be a horrendously powerful 800MHz, which according to ASUS scores twice the performance marks of Vsbenchmark score than the nearest competitor, although they did not reveal who it was.


Other goodies noteworthy is the 2.8-in VGA screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and true SiRFIII GPS technology, which means this phone has got it’s connectivity options covered. ASUS got rid of the traditional QWERTY keyboard input format and in its place is their own touch-screen system called the Glide. To sweeten the deal, a 3MP camera means imaging will be decent, but not terribly great.

The P565, I suspect, will be priced at an affordable rate and with the powerful platform, it will finally make WM6.1 a more enjoyable experience…hopefully. But before I end, I would like to point out that once upon a time, one could run Windows XP at the specs of this phone. Maybe you would want to ponder that while waiting for the phone’s release.

For more info on this upcoming phone, check out website.