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This post should be useful for designers or webmasters, but it should be informational for all readers too I guess. We will talk about “smooth anchor links”. Anchor links, are links which send you directly to the line you marked on a web page. This is used to jump within the same page and is especially useful for long pages where we can use a “top” anchor to move to the top of the page, saving the user tonnes of scrolling.

Smooth scrolling

Now, the conventional anchor links always zip you to the marked lines immediately. I have always found this to be somewhat jumpy. So, when I recently stumbled upon this excellent smooth anchor links script at david walsh blog, which demonstrated the ability to smoothly take a user to a specific portion of a page, aka the anchor, I was totally amazed!

This is definitely one of the cooler scripts I have seen in a long time, and I can’t think of a reason to not share it with you! I hope you like the smooth scrolling effect and will use it in your web pages or blogs! Happy smooth-scrolling!