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Nintendo Wii is such a revolutionary gaming console. It not only appeals to hard-core gamers and the whole family, it’s also very multipurpose. Some smart people find that Wii can do a lot of things with a little imagination and modifications to the console. Check out the following latest Wii modifications.

Wii light

Wii light. Now you can use Wii as a torch light when you want to answer nature’s call in the night. Cool?

Wii hairdresser

Wii hairdresser. Fancy a haircut but you do not want to try the same Indian barber anymore? Then, fire up the Wii Saloon, and let the program dress up your hair like a professional! 🙂

Wii bowl

Wii bowl. Bring this to the coffee shop for your lunch. I am sure you will get a lot of attention.

Wii sport

Wii sport. This is the ultimate console designed for hard-core gamers. With so many buttons, you may need to use your toes too! This will take gaming to the next level!

Thanks Design-martin for the great innovative use for Wii! Check out the site for more unimaginable uses of Wii!