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All the iPhone madness started at MacWorld 07 where Steve Jobs announced that Apple will soon be releasing a touchscreen phone called the iPhone. But did you know that one of the iPhone domain names owned by Apple, the was registered by Apple in the last century? Yes, it was way back in 1999!

Other than, other iPhone related domain names owned by Apple include and, both redirect to

Now, of course there has been numerous interesting iPhone developments since 1999. But worry not, iPhone Gold has come up with a cool timeline of these developments starting from that first 1999 event up until the recent 3G iPhone release.

iPhone timeline

Click here for the larger view of the above timeline. Thanks to iPhone Gold.

Let’s check out the most important iPhone developments.

  • December 15 1999 – Apple registers and redirects it to
  • January 9 2007 – Apple iPhone is officially launched by Steve Jobs at Macworld 07.
  • June 29 2007 – First generation iPhone sales begins.
  • March 6 2008 – Apple announces a third party software SDK.
  • June 9 2008 – Steve Jobs announces the 3G iPhone.
  • July 11 2008 – iPhone 3G hits the streets starting with 22 countries.