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Up until now, car owners wanting to listen to music in their cars have had to rely on the car stereos, or the most use FM modulators. That’s really troublesome and inconvenience but thankfully that has come to an end. Griffin Technology recently announced a new version of the iTrip that is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and most other Apple iPods. The iTrip AutoPilot is the first FM transmitter that lets you listen to audio on your iPhone, iPod Touch and most other iPods through your car’s stereo system while on the move.


FM transmitters or also known as FM modulators are useful for cars without other forms of audio-in. The device works the same way as other iTrip products do for the iPods. You just plug in your iPhone to the 30-pin connector, and hook up the other end into the cigarette lighter in your car. The device broadcasts the iPhone’s audio to an open FM station through a built-in FM transmitter, which you can tune in to on your car stereo.

iTrip for iPhone

Personally, I’ve never been a great fan of FM transmitters… the last one and the only one I tried doesn’t produce very crispy sound after a while… but this one looks as slick as the Apple iPhone itself! Another reason to get the upcoming 3G iPhone.