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Well, the other day Kitkat wrote a post on viewing The Incredibles in ASCII format. Now you can watch Star Wars 4 in ASCII / text mode format too. It’s not as elaborated as The Incredibles, but the text representations of the characters are funny.

You can watch it here


Type “telnet” (without the quotes) into your RUN prompt.

The first link will take you to an http website (would probably save you on bandwidth) and the second command line will connect your computer to telnet and open the text mode movie in your Command box.

Some sample images from the movie :

20th Century Text

R2D2 and C3PO

Luke Skywalker received his lightsaber from ObiWan Kenobi

Luke Skywalker practicing his lightsaber skills with ObiWan Kenobi

The movie will run until the scene where Luke rescues Lea from her cell or room or whatever. Now if only I have the patient to watch / read through all the scenes till it finishes. One tip though, the http one has rewind and forward controls that you can use to make the video goes faster, well useful in case you got bored. As you might have guess by now, the Command box does not allow you to fast forward or rewind.

I know it’s not in the same episode, but how I wish to see Jabba the Hut in text mode!

So if you are all ready to watch Star Wars in ASCII or text mode, sit back and enjoy the movie!