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This game was proclaimed to be the World’s Hardest Game. What is the name of the game? The World’s Hardest Game. Duh.

So just how hard can this game be?

I hate this game. I truly do. I’ve spent 25 minutes trying to get across to the other end, but I can’t. It looked simple but it’s not. It’s probably a prank, I don’t know how you can ever get across to the other end when the blue balls are moving in synch with one another. This is a trap!

You don’t believe me? Try playing the game. LOL! You will be in for a surprise.

If anyone knows how to actually avoid the blue balls and get across to the other end, I beg you, tell me! LOL! And I don’t see no yellow beacons either!

Just a note, my friend got to Level 10. I have absolutely no idea how he did that!