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How’s your luck in registering the newest .my domain names? Did you miss out yesterday when the domain name registration was open to the public? Looks like there was such a huge rush to register .my domain names when it was opened, at 10am when I checked most good and short domain names were already taken.

These snapped like hot cake domain names include which I actually intended to register. A quick check reveals this might be registered by those folks at

Ping’s logo is there. Perhaps they are planning to come up with a blog ping service or search engine. Sounds relevant to their core business right now which is blogs advertising.

One thing I have questions is. Is it worthwhile to spend the money to reserve those domain names if you do not have plan to develop them into a website? is already grabbed by someone, which is still available for registration. How come?

Let’s take a look at a list of the most expensive domain names. Sorry no and .my yet.
$11 – $14 million (disputed reports), January 19th 2006
$10 million, March 11 2008
$9.5 million, 2007
$7.5 million, 1999
$7.5 million
$7 million
$5.1 million, January 2000
$5 million
$3.5 million
$3.3 million
$3 million

Anyway, I also didn’t give up after learning that most good names were already taken up. I fast fast registered a couple of .my domain names… right now, still planning and will soon develop those sites. Stay tuned.

Josh Lim, how much do you wanna sell to me? 🙂