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I would suspect that many Malaysians have iPhones these days. Since its launch in June 2007, the iPhone has gone a long way – it lost its younger brother, dear old 4GB, gained a new 16GB sibling; and had some improvements in its UI compared to 1.0.1. All in a span of about less than 10 months! The latest firmware version is 1.1.4 and it’s still a mystery what the upgrade from 1.1.3 is. Some say that the Camera application is slightly improved but I think it’s arguable.

Apple iPhone

But if you bought your iPhone quite a while ago, and you’re not on 1.1.4, what are you doing? Get on the bandwagon and enjoy some of the new features since 1.1.3 like multiple home-screens, customize the position of your apps, multiple-recipient SMS and enhanced Google Maps.

Upgrading to the latest firmware doesn’t mean that you’ll need to bring your iPhone to the shop all over again and pay to have it done. No, it’s a simple, 1-click process to activate, jailbreak and unlock your iPhone.

Before proceeding, make sure that you’ve synced up your contacts and backed up your photos from your iPhone, just in case there is any loss in data. But from my experience, only your photos, notes and installed applications will be cleared from the phone. The contacts, preferences and SMS will be intact. But better safe than sorry!

Once you have that all settled, plug in your iPhone and connect it to iTunes. The iPhone page should appear and inform you that a newer version of the firmware is available. Click on ‘Update’.

During this time, you should not remove the iPhone from it’s cradle. The upgrade process should take 10-15 minutes, depending on your internet connection speed. Once that it done, you will be greeted by an activation screen on your iPhone and iTunes will detect a *new* iPhone, and will then ask if you would like to restore it as a copy of your older phone. Click ‘Yes’, if not, you will lose your contacts and other settings. You can now quit iTunes.

Right here, depending on which OS you’re on, you will need some different programs to help activate your iPhone. If you are running Windows: Ziphone 2.6b is a very simple solution. You may download it here and follow this step-by-step tutorial from iClarified to activate, jailbreak and unlock your iPhone.

Jail Break

If you’re running Mac OS X, iJailbreak is the perfect option. Version 0.6 was just released 2 days ago and it adds support for all iPhones and iPod Touches (allowing you to enable the apps which you are required to pay $20 to Apple in order to access).


You may download iJailbreak from here and using it is so simple that I don’t think a tutorial is necessary (just follow the on screen instructions).

That’s it. That’s how easy it is to get your iPhone up to the latest firmware. If you have any questions or encounter any trouble, just let me know.