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It has always been a pleasure for me to introduce good freebies to my readers. Today, I am going to show you not one, but two websites where you can download and use thousands of free icons.

The first icons website is

Icon finder

The search feature is very intuitive as it incorporates AJAX. The moment you enter any keyword it will auto-complete and suggest some related keywords. In complete Web2.0 spirit, all icons are tagged. Once you have found the icon you are looking for in the search result, click on it to see more details such as the designer, the license and a download link.

Do use the download link (and not right-click-save) to download the icon as this will retain the properties of the icon, such as the transparency property.

Free icons

I am not sure how many icons are there, but some of my search results return thousands of results. So, I guess their database hosts at least tens of thousands of icons. Anyway, technically speaking, these icons are not all free completely. Most of them fall under one of these licenses, Creative Commons, GPL and LGPL.


Another icons website worth taking a look especially if you can’t find the perfect icon you are looking for in, is This icons website is less sophisticated, but it gets the job done.

Just like the first website, also allows you to easily search for icons, view who’s the designer and license information, and of course save the icon for your own use.

So, there you are two more useful websites to add to your bookmark/favorites. Use them whenever you are designing a website or a blog. Make your website and blog stand out with beautiful and professional icons.