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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, to all my readers and visitors! Talking about holidays, I don’t have any holidays to clear unlike most of you… My leaves have dried up since 6 months ago. I am so envy some of you where you can take 2 weeks or more of leave to do whatever you fancy to do. I have wanted to clean my house and the store room for a long time but haven’t got the time to do it… well, maybe wait until next year.

Anyway, as usual Google introduces custom logos in celebration of holidays, special days and events. This time, the Christmas doodles seems really interesting. Google is showing us how they are decorating their logo in a series of logos which are updated daily.

Google doodle

Google doodles

The complete list except one, can be found here. Check back from time to time to see the last one. Last year’s doodles can be found here.

Update 6pm. 25 December 2007.
Google has released their final doodle for the Christmas series this year. See the 5th logo:

Christmas logo