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Hohohoho… it’s the festive season again. Sales, discounts and year end cum Christmas offers are everywhere. Every shopping centers we go to are crowded with army of shoppers.

But for an upcoming Malaysia Problogger, I always keep an eye on the latest offerings from gadget stores such as Harvey Norman. A few days ago I finally saw a huge Harvey Norman ad in The Star which carries some really interesting discounted gadgets. I jumped and nearly knocked my head on the ceiling when I saw the slashed price for iPhone. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, believe it or not, iPhone for RM1739 only!

iPhone promotion

Don’t take my words for it. I have taken a picture to show to you. See the iPhone picture? See the advertised price? You even get some freebies if you purchased during the Merry X’mas promotion period. You get 1+2 years extended warranty, and a set of Hamburger mini speaker!

Now, look at the date of the paper.

Harvey Norman

No joke, right? RM1739 for a brand new iPhone!…

I was truly overjoyed and wanted to race to Harvey Norman right away when I smelled something fishy. Look at the ad again. No question it’s showing a picture of an iPhone, but actually it’s advertising an iPod. Celaka Harvey Norman, trying to con un-suspicious people like us.

Or another possibility is the ad agency who did their ad is too ignorant until cannot differentiate between iPhone from iPod.

Hai… maybe it’s better to just wait for the 3G iPhone.