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I have put up my RSS feed subscription widget a few days now, but the number of subscriber is so pitiful… 1 person only! Can’t believe it, is it because my content is not attractive, which is not likely or because I am not a problogger *yet*?

Liucf has so many RSS subscribers… that’s got me envy!

RSS readers

Maybe I will get more readers if I put up more attractive pictures? How about the below picture for a start.

Sexy RSS

Anyway, I did a bit of touch up to the RSS subscription box. Put in more eye catchy colors and rearranged the buttons. Hopefully more readers will notice it and eventually subscribe. Just enter your email into the box and click on the “Subscribe” button. We will send you the latest posts on this blog through emails every morning… it’s that easy and convenient.

Alternatively, you can put my RSS link in your RSS feed reader and subscribe.

Cheers! Let’s see the subscriber number increase multiple times! 🙂