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Believe it or not, both founders of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen are in the nomination list of this year’s Businessweek Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs award! Timothy is not only the youngest among the 25 finalist, he’s also the only Malaysian there. He’s 23 only.

Timothy Tiah

There, that’s Timothy Tiah, aka Boss Stewie! Girls, he’s still available… 🙂 It’s not usual for me to put a big portrait photo on my blog, but I do it now because I hope by doing this he will send some big paying advertisers to my blog… haha, I want to make big money online also!

Cheo Ming Shen

And that’s Boss’ partner. Don’t tell me you don’t have good advertisers for me and only show your company’s logo on my blog, OK?

In the 25 finalists list, notice Paddy ( founder) is also there? I wonder what happen to Josh of Advertlets?

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