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If you have bad Streamyx connection, such as intermittent or frequent disconnection, one of the likely cause could be a faulty splitter. Although I agree that 90% of the time it’s due to problem at Streamyx side. Anyway, to improve Streamyx’s speed and stability, it’s important to get a good phone splitter. The one from Aztech is of good quality and affordable at the same time.

DSL phone splitter

I bought this from IT Planet, one of the only few IT stores in Puchong. This store is located in Tesco Puchong. Retails for RM15, but I managed to bargain to RM10.

I have a couple of telephone sockets at home and the one in the study room is already installed with a phone splitter because that’s the one connected to the Streamyx line. But the other one in the living room which is connected to the phone is problematic when I am online… Whenever someone uses the phone, I may get disconnected from Streamyx, and static and dialing tonnes could be heard on the phone too.

ADSL phone splitter

This additional splitter solves the noisy phone problem. Now, there is no more disconnection from Streamyx even if my girls talk grandmother stories on the phone while I surf porn on my computer! Happy.

Sorry for the boring post today. But I do believe this is a better post than that from Liucf? Wahahaha… 🙂

BTW, any new tips and tricks to make money online? Share share with me OK?