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My job involves a certain amount of programming and sometimes when the odd strikes a little tiny bit of web design. Today, a friend called up and asked me to check his website which shows “FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!” error message on his OSCommerce powered storefront. That happens all of a sudden according to him…

Fatal error

I told him not to panic as the solution is pretty simple.

Do a .htaccess file and put the following line in it. Upload it to the server and all should be well again.

php_value register_globals 1

That blardy friend didn’t know how to do it and I have to help him with that. Helped him and his is all smiles again!

Just want to put here to share with you all should you run into the same problem. I think the likely cause is his server setting has somehow changed, perhaps by the hosting company who decided to turn off register_global for security reasons. 🙂