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I was so excited to learn that Mynic has opened Malaysia’s 2nd level domain name registrations. This may sound weird but what it basically means is now we can register domain names such as and! Yeah, these are the two domain names that popped up in my head straight away which I wanted to register immediately. It costs RM120 max per domain name and hehehe… I might be able to sell it at 10 or 100 times afterwards.

Sexy chick

I put the above young, beautiful and sexy chick on my, you think can make money or not? 🙂 I am that wicked. Can or not? Hahaha…

However, as I was about to submit my applications I learned that priorities are given to the registrants of existing domain names. In other words, priorities are given to the current registrants of or, and if both of them were to submit their applications, the registrant with the earliest registered third level domain name will get the priority! So complicated, just give the domain name to me la!

Perhaps I should consider

Read more details about .my 2nd level domain name priority entry.