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Let’s take a break from the recent Google PR excitement and relax a little. Let me present you a Porsche Carrera which I might be able to afford. Anyway, I just guess it’s a Carrera, I hope I am not wrong because I haven’t done my research on Porsche cars yet. 🙂

Porsche Carrera

Striking read Porche Carrera! I can’t image how many pairs of eyes will turn green if I drove this along Jalan Bukit Bintang… perhaps park it in front of the new KL Pavillion. I am sure I will get a lot of attention from the babes!

Porsche Carrera picture

Now, you take a closer look from the side. Looks brilliant, doesn’t it? Comfortable seat.


The ass is pretty meaty which I look. I am sure will have a smooth ride on the KL roads in this baby!

Red Porsche

Okay, before we get too carried away… I have to admit this car isn’t road worthy yet. It’s more like an inflatable car created by some artists or car architects. We see plenty of tho