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I have to admit the title of this post is designed to bait you to read! Hahaha… have I not done a good job? 🙂

Firefox sticker

Anyway, I did in fact have a good proposal with which you might get a giant Firefox Fathead sticker delivered to you absolutely free of charge (FOC)! This Giant Firefox Fathead Sticker originally costs US$69.90 at Mozilla Store. Don’t even think about buying one yourself because the shipping cost could cost you a bomb! Weird enough, they don’t have this item in their Mozilla international store which might be cheaper on the shipping cost.

To get your free Giant Firefox Fathead Sticker, you just need to join Operation Firefox whose mission is to get Firefox installed on more computers worldwide. Wow, what a great mission and I am sure you would like to contribute for the better of the open source and free software community, right? You will need to submit a plan describing where, when and how you’ll install the giant 3.5-foot Firefox Fathead sticker, to make people take notice and check out Firefox. The better your installation, the better your chances of winning 1 out of the 50 giant Firefox Fathead sticker for free! Yes, they want 50 installations only.

Operation Firefox

To make the deal sweeter, out of the 50 chosen installations, the most creative ones will win away a new Apple MacBook Pro or Nintendo Wii!

What are you waiting for? Check out more information on Operation Firefox and submit your great plan today. How about stick the sticker on my face and then I station myself at one of the busy LRT stations in KL? I am sure I will get a lot of attention. 🙂