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There are several ways to do this, we look at the easiest way first. Well, simply copy and past the font files into the Fonts folder in Windows, which typically located in “C:\Windows\Fonts\”

Windows Fonts

Easy eh?

Another more elegant way to install new fonts in Windows, involves the Fonts applet in Control Panel. Go to Start > Control Panel > Double click on “Fonts” > Select “Install New Font…”. The Add Fonts dialog window pops up. Here you simply browse your font files and click on the Install button. See a screen shot below.

Install new fonts

I guess most of you already know how to install new font files in Windows, but would definitely like to know where to get free fonts, or free beautiful font files for download. Frankly, there isn’t many free fonts that are beautiful, maybe I didn’t look hard enough. If you know where to download cool font files for free, do share with us. 🙂

By the way, the hottest thing in town now should be the PC Fair 2007 which is being held in KLCC (and a few other venues which include Penang, Johor and Sabah). Have you check the fair out and bought any gadgets at bargained prices? Tomorrow will be the last day, I still have not decided what gadgets I should get there… maybe an iPod or Nintendo Wii?