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You are expecting a beautiful, polished and 3D animated boot screen in Windows Vista, but what you get is a dull screen like the following. Don’t you think it’s even uglier than what’s in Windows XP?

Windows Vista bootscreen

However, fear not. One of the weird things Microsoft do to Windows Vista is they hide the more advanced boot screen for the more adventurous users to find! How tricky are they?! Let me share you the screen to unlock the advanced boot screen.


Go to the “start search” box and type msconfig. Hit Enter and run the System Configuration utility.

Windows bootscreen

Click on the Boot tab. In the Boot options section, check/enable the “No GUI boot” option. Hit OK and you are done. Next time you boot into Windows Vista, you will see the following aurora boot screen.

Windows Vista boot screen

Isn’t this much better? Why Microsoft choose not to enable this by default?