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Since I got my Windows Vista laptop, I have been tweaking and playing with it like a new babe. The Windows Vista operating system is so lovely although sometimes I find the added security features quite annoying. Recently, I found that there is this Windows Vista utility which is meant for benchmarking your system called the Windows System Assessment Tool.

Usually, you would run it through the Control Panel. Go:
Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Performance Information and Tools

Check out my laptop’s performance. Not very good right… all because of the poor graphics capabilities.

Windows performance

OK, this may sound like boring and useless. But, you may not know that you can actually get this tool to display some really cool 3D animations. To do this, you need to get to the command prompt and run the following commands. If you have problem running them, most likely you need to elevate your privileges.

Let me show you screen shots of these 3D animations. The commands to run them are below of the screen shots.

3D Aurora
winsat aurora

3D Windows Vista
winsat d3d -texshader -totalobj 15

Windows Vista 3D
winsat d3d -objs C(20) -texshader -totalobj 50

Vista 3D effects
winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(1) -alushader -noalpha -v -time 10

Hidden Windows Vista
winsat dwm -glassw 20

By the way, if you are thinking of getting a new laptop preloaded with Windows Vista, you might want to check out the latest offerings from DELL. Michael Dell is kind enough to send me brochures every couple of weeks, lately seems like it’s more frequent. Every now and then I will get a new brochure in my mailbox. I quite like the Inspiron 1520 notebook which goes for RM2999. This price is very reasonable looking at the features packed machine which comes in 8 vibrant colors and with an integrated 2 mega pixel webcam. If you are interested here are the specs in brief:
– Intel Core 2 Duo 1.50GHz
– 80GB SATA HDD (should upgrade this if you want to keep lots of porn videos)
– Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
– 15.4 WXGA Display
– 1 year completecover support!

Dell is not paying me for this promo here… just a suggestion if you are thinking of getting a new babe.