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Tmnet data center

Today was my lucky day as I get to follow my boss to the famous Telekom Netmyne data center which is located at Brickfields. My boss would like to co-locate a web server at the data center… as he needed some strong hands to help him carry the server, he asked me to tag along. I gladly followed him because that’s my first visit to a data center.

Data center

Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to take a few photos of this data center. Next time don’t know when can come again! Let me be the tour guide to the data center today! 🙂

Server racks

Let’s read what Tmnet says about their Netmyne data center:

Netmyne Data Centers provide the most conducive physical environment necessary to keep your servers up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These world-class facilities are custom designed with raised floors, temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, split unit air-conds, centralized UPS, generator set and server racks. They offer the widest range of physical security features, including state-of-the-art FM200 smoke detection and fire suppression systems, and 24×7 secured access, closed-circuit TV, as well as webcam surveillance and security breach alarms. All systems including the UPS, PDU, HVAC, Temperature Controller, Humidity Controller, Security and Fire Threat are constantly checked by a web-based monitoring system. The fire detection itself is managed with a VESDA air sampling system.

Well, I didn’t see most of the advanced facilities mentioned above. Anyway, they do have raised floors, hugh air-cons, lots of racks and a finger-print access door.


These are the racks. One rack typically can house up to 20 or 30 servers and related hardwares, depending on the height and size of the servers, whether they are 1Us, 2Us, and etc. I counted and found that roughly they are about 80 racks at this data center! And most of them are fully loaded… so you do the math and see how many servers there are here!

Hugh aircon

With so many servers that are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you definitely need some powerful aircons to cool the place. That hugh aircon which is two times my height does the job well. The place is damn cold!

Server cables

From the front the racks and the servers may look very tidy and in good order. But take a look at the back… very difficult to keep them in good order I guess, there are just too many cables.


Just in case you wonder how we setup servers at the data center. Check out the picture above.