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Can you say that again. You said your latest version of Windows Media Player cannot play DVD videos? Yes, you read that right. My Windows Media Player 11 that comes with Windows Vista Business, just refused to play any DVD discs I loaded into my DVD drive. So frustrating!

Windows Media Player

That’s the error that was thrown at me when I popped a porn DVD into my drive. Click on the Web Help button and you are brought to a page on Microsoft that explains why the error occurred. Basically, it means Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows XP operating system cannot play DVD videos because they lack of DVD decoder (also known as a MPEG-2 decoder)! How ridiculous?!

Read further and you are asked to purchase DVD decoder on this page. I can’t believe it, I have purchased Windows Vista Business for close to RM500 (OEM version), now I need to purchase some stupid DVD decoder in order to watch some porn DVD on my computer?! What crap!

Play DVD

Luckily I am the smart one. I searched around and found free decoders: K-Lite Codec Pack! This pack is so good that it includes almost all the video encoding formats you can find on earth! The best part is, it’s completely FREE. Just download, install and before you know it you are enjoying tonnes of porn DVDs on your computer already! Hehehe…