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All of us know that Alexa rankings are flawed, because it’s mostly based on people who use their Alexa toolbar. But for those of us who use advertising systems such as PayPerPost, ReviewMe and Text Link Ads; Alexa ranking is crucial because it’s an important factor that determines how much we are being paid. The better is the Alexa ranking, the more we are being paid!

The sad thing is that the Alexa toolbar is currently only available for IE users. The folks at Alexa do not have immediate plans to develop an Alexa toolbar for the Firefox browser. Instead, they suggested a couple of alternative toolbars that incorporates Alexa:

  • About This Site. Gina Trapani at built a handy plugin.
  • SEO Toolbar. The Rankquest SEO Toolbar provides you quick access to many SEO tools including the Alexa Traffic Rank.

Search Status plugin

These two toolbars look pretty good to me although I do not use them for more than a day on my machine. The other alternative which stays in my Firefox browser is SearchStatus, a neat little plugin for Firefox which takes less than a minute to install. Once the plugin is installed, it displays the Google and Alexa rankings for each site you visit in the status area of the browser. The cool thing is that it also reports visits back to Alexa and thus helps to improve the Alexa ranking of the site!

If you like Firefox, you will like this Search Status plugin. Get it now!