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There are probably one hundred different ways to transfer files from one computer to another.

You can use mediums to transfer the files. For example, burn the files from the source computer onto a CD/DVD, or copy them onto a USB drive or an external hard disk and then transfer it to the destination computer. Did I mention you can also use a floppy disk as the transfer medium? 🙂

Girl at computer

If the above methods do not sound too good to you, then another option would be to use USB cable. USB cables are cheap and readily available in any IT store. But, make sure you get the USB to USB type, not those that comes with your digital camera, or your MP4 player.

The USB cable method should be the prefered method in the event you are buying a new computer and need to move your years old data from the old computer to the new one. But, if you need to copy lots of files between many computers, then you might want to consider the Belkin’s Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista.

Since I haven’t bought any USB cable yet, I think I will use my floppy disks first. 🙂