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According to the latest statistics from W3Counter, Internet Explorer is still the favorite browser among Internet users. Internet Explorer 6.0 has a 49.54% market share, while the latest browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 7.0 has the 2nd largest share at 16.82%. That gives a total of close to 70% market share! This is not surprisingly as all Windows systems are preloaded with Internet Explorer.

Firefox versus IE

Below is a brief market share of all the major browsers:

1 Internet Explorer 6.0 49.54%
2 Internet Explorer 7.0 16.82%
3 Firefox 2.0 14.47%
4 Firefox 1.5 9.10%
5 Safari 2.0 1.94%
6 Firefox 1.0 1.25%
7 Opera 9.0 0.77%
8 Mozilla 1.8 0.66%
9 AOL 6.0 0.58%
10 Opera 9.1 0.51%

Anyway, I think Firefox users are growing quite steadily. So, it’s only a matter of time before Firefox will overtake IE. Let’s see when will that happen.