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Weather is so hot these days I don’t know how many buckets I must have sweat a day sitting at my desk. However, this will be a thing of the past after I get hold of a cool and portable refridgerator from Brando. That is a USB Mini Fridge! Yes, my personal fridge, which I will put on my desk, sharing space with all my other computer gadgets! Haha.

USB fridge

The miniature fridge is very compact and only has enough space to house a can of drink. If you think it’s not enough… hey it’s a 5V USB-powered refrigerator which costs US$33 only. What more could you expect?

USB mini fridge

As the name implies, this thing connects to your computer via a USB port, and it chills down your can to 8.5 degrees centigrade in 5 minutes!

So, geeks get your mini fridge today! What could be better to have a refridgerator on your desk?!