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Excuse me if I salivate buckets wishing I could put my hand on this awesome yellow box. In order to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie, Microsoft has created 100 limited edition Simpsons Xbox 360s. Yes, you read me right, there are only 100 of these yellow game consoles in the world. So, how do you get your hands on one?

Simpsons Xbox 360s

The consoles will be available at a series of “special events and promotions” (which we’re sure you’ll be hearing about in the near future) in advance of the long awaited Simpsons Movie, making its way to theaters on July 27. But, we are in Malaysia, do you think Microsoft will be kind enough to have one or two of the events here? We do have lots of Simspons and Xbox fans in Malaysia I suppose.

Anyway, sources say that the new system is based on Xbox 360 Pro and not Xbox Elite, which means no 120GB HDD and no HDMI output.