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Google is undeniably one of the most visited website in the world, and one of the most used search engine. Admit it, everyday you and I go to Google for countless number of times. I even believe that the world would be in a big chaos if Google went down for just a day!

But, I am sure not many of you have noticed the tiny Preferences link just beside the search box. Trust me, this is a very useful page to let power users to customize how Google searches for you or present results to you.

Interface Language
Try changing this to Greek and see if you can still recognize the lovely Google or not. 🙂

Search Language
This is useful if you wanted to search webpages or information written in a particular language. Try Chinese (Simplified) for example if you only want webpages in that language.

SafeSearch Filtering
This is an interesting setting and I believe most of you humsup fellas would definitely want to leave this at “Do not filter my search results”. I know you don’t want to filter out any nice photos, right? Haha… me too, we are in the same gang!

Google search girl
I have Moderate SafeSearch on, and I searched for “girl” Google images. Guess what, the second search result is a picture of a sexy girl in bikini with the title “Seductive Bikini Girl”…. from!

Number of Results
Try a big number, such as 100 if you do not fancy using your mouse to click on the paging links. How if I want to have more than 100 results in a page?… that baffles me… let me check with Google’s chief software engineer next time I have tea with her!

Results Window
Hmm… what does this do actually? That’s for you to find out. Have fun…

By the way, don’t forget to click on the “Save Preferences” button to save your preferences when you are done. So, do look into the Preferences page for ways to customize your search with Google. Happy googling!