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The 404 or Not Found error message is a message indicating that the browser was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find the page that was requested. The annoying little message could be caused because you have entered a wrong URL, the webmaster has deleted the file you are looking for, or the net spirits are against you and will see to it you will never find the information you are looking for!

Getting the dreaded 404 error message can be frustrating at times, especially if you can’t seems to find what’s wrong with the URL. However some of these 404 error messages are really fun and creatively done.

Check out some examples below:

Sexy 404 error message
Sexy error message. (Source) Wow, this one is so sexy! I hope I can get this sort of 404 messages everyday!

Busty girl
Busty girl error message. (Source) Busty girl always catches my attention… haha, hope you love this one too! You also don’t mind seeing error messages like this everyday, right?

Wrong bar
The wrong bar error message. (Source) You stand there for a moment awe struck at the sight of 404 greasy thugs playing cards and the prostitues hovering over them… what a nicely worded 404 message!

Shocking and crazy error message. (Source) OMG, I am so stressed, I can’t find the page on the server! Help… I am going crazy.

DOS error message
DOS error message. (Source) Click on the source link to see the complete message. What’s best is that the message comes out line by line… just like the message are being typed on the spot!

Let me know if you happen to come across better or more creative 404 messages.