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Hard disks have really grown in storage space exponentially. Dell and Alienware are now offering a half terabyte (500GB) of storage in their Dell XPS M2010 and Alienware Aurora m9700 notebook offerings. This (notebooks that have a half terabyte of storage space) is definitely the first in the industry.

Dell XPS

The Dell’s giant notebook is the XPS M2010. It’s a 20″ screen foldable notebook. While the Alienware is the Aurora m9700, which is a 17″ screen dual graphics and dual hard drive notebook. Both notebooks are loaded with high end multimedia and gaming features, which obviously can be a desktop replacement anytime. Either one of these notebooks is surely more powerful than my desktop PC.

Below are some examples to give you an idea of what you can do with 500GB of storage:

  • 200 hours of DVD-quality video (2.25GB/hr)
  • 60 hours of HD video (8.3GB/hr)
  • 38 hours of digital MPEG video (13GB/hr)
  • 120,000 songs (4MB for 4 minute average songs)
  • 140,000 photo images (2.5MB / 6 Megapixel image)

The Dell notebook looks awesome and I would love to have my collection of DVD movies in the hard disk, on the go… but the price tag (US$2999) is far out of my reach! 🙂