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Welcome to, a fresh and new technology blog.

Now, you may ask me why I scrapped the previos website, and started a fresh one… Well, the answer is pretty simple, I get bored with the look of the previous website and find it difficult to write tutorials which the previous website is all about, so thought of writing a tips blog instead. This should be much simpler except that I need to update myself with the latest happenings in the world of Internet!

Also, I get really jealous with LiewCF’s technology blog. Guess he is earning more by blogging compared to my 9 to 5 job… I wanna become the next most profitable blog in Malaysia! Hahaha…

You think I can do it or not? Sure I can, Lin Dan, the world number one badminton player also lost to an unknown player from Korea ler…

Now, you better watch out this blog, I am coming strong into the blogosphere! 🙂