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Beijing Olympic 2008 is just around the corner… in fact it’s just one more week to go. If you couldn’t make it to Beijing this time… blame it on your busy work… don’t get upset. You can join this biggest sports event in the world by decorating your computer with a nice Beijing Olympic 2008 wallpaper!

Come, join the Beijing spirit by downloading one of the following beautiful wallpapers.


The most stunning pictures for the Beijing Olympic 2008 are these creative advertising campaign pictures done by 1861 United, an ad agency for Freddy, who is the official sponsor for the Italian team in Beijing. Look at the above stunning Volleyball stunt!

Download and use those stunning and creative pictures as your wallpaper.

Beijing Olympic Photo

Of course, some of the best Beijing Olympic 2008 wallpapers have to come from the official website. They don’t stock a lot of them, but the quality is undeniably good.

I like the above Huanhuan wallpaper. 🙂

Beijing Olympic Wallpaper

Other than the official Beijing Olympic 200 website, Flash Screen has tonnes of Beijing Olympic 2008 wallpapers. The outstanding ones include those with pictures of the cute mascots. Quality is good and can be downloaded as JPEG files.

Beijing Olympic calendar

If you are looking for Beijing Olympic Calendar Wallpapers, you can find them on Flash Screen too. January through December, one new calendar wallpaper every month.

Beijing football wallpaper

Wallno1 is another great website to download wallpapers. They have a variety of Beijing Olympic related wallpapers, including many which feature the Olympic games such as football, weight lifting, tennis, swimming, fencing and many more! I am sure you will be able to find your favorite games wallpaper there!

Beijing 2008

Most of the above are digitally designed wallpapers. On, you can find photos of promotional activities for Beijing Olympic 2008. These include photos of the mascots, the torch, and even the Olympic stadium in Beijing, also known as the Bird’s Nest. Pictures are only available in 800×600 and 1024×768 resolutions though.

Bird nest

Beijing now houses some of the greatest stadiums in the world, and the most amazing of them all has to be the Bird’s Nest. Check out the stadium pictures on Zimbio. You can of course use the pictures as your wallpaper.


Now, if you like cute and funny wallpapers, you will definitely like these pictures which feature another mascot, the super cute BabaPig! You will love him more if you read Chinese!

Look no further, download the complete set of BabaPig wallpapers now.

Olympic wallpaper

Not enough and want more? You will definitely like these cute cartoon-ish wallpapers available for download on, especially if you read Chinese. Note that downloaded file will be in rar format. Just unrar them to get the JPEG file.

2008 Beijing is a Chinese website that provides a large number of 2008 Olympic related wallpapers. Most of the wallpapers are available on other websites, but they do have some unique ones. Give them a try, you will love their calendar wallpapers.

Coca-cola wallpaper

Oh yes, how can we forget about Coca-cola?! Check Winddesktop for some great wallpapers from Coca-cola… However, don’t look at the ads at the bottom though, they are a little distracting.

There you are, 11 wallpaper websites for you to join the Olympic fever and countdown towards 8 August 2008. Just one short of a dozen, do you have one other website to recommend? 🙂