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Today, I’m going to show you how to download videos from non-Youtube sources. But first, you’re going to need the following software:

  1. Orbit Downloader– Orbit Downloader is similar to Free Studio below except that it only saves the videos in FLV (flash video) format.
  2. Free Studio – One of my favorite Freeware around. It can convert almost anything into mp4 format. Of course, it can only download videos from Youtube.

Now, simply follow the following steps to download and convert a video into MP4 format.

  1. Download The Tools!– Do I really need to explain this? Download the tools you’ll need, which are those I told you above.
  2. Visit Your Favorite Video Site– For this tutorial, I decided to use Myspace videos since I found this funny and yet vulgar Spongebob parody on the site called “Grandma’s Kisses”.Grandma's Kisses

  1. Start Orbit Downloader– Start Orbit Downloader from your desktop if you have not already done so.
  2. Start Grab++ feature– For this, you’ll need to look at the system tray which is located at the bottom right of your screen, where the date and time is located. You should see the orbit downloader icon in there. Right click on it, and select “Grab ++” (if you don’t see it in the system tray, then click on the “show hidden icons” arrow).Grab++
  3. Download the video file– We’re getting close to the part where you can actually download the FLV video file! Once you have started the “Grab++” feature, select “videos” in the Grab++ display menu. You’re video file should be the file with the biggest amount of MB (megabytes). Select it and press the download button. Save the file to a directory you usually save your video files. For the tutorial, I saved it under my downloads folder.Convert FLV
  4. Wait– Wait until your file has been completely downloaded.Orbit Downloader
  5. Almost There!– Once your file has been completely downloaded, start Free Studio. Select Flash from the main menu and then select “convert flash video to iPod format”. Select your file from the directory you saved it to earlier, and press OK.Free Studio
  6. Wait again – Wait until Free Studio is finished converting the file.

Once you have the video converted, you can of course easily import the video into iPod or iPhone and play away! Have fun!

There you are, a few simple steps on how to convert a video file from FLV format to MP4.