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UPDATE 8 April 2009
Check out the latest offering from P1, the P1 WiMAX USB Modem. It’s so small and sexy you will want to bring it with you all the time… Indeed, now you could go online anytime and anywhere. Coverage area is expanding everyday.


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Have you heard of the latest 4G wireless broadband in Malaysia? I saw their banners and brochures at a few places already lately. Really aggressive marketing and promotions! This new offering is actually from iZZinet Sdn.Bhd., which uses one of the 4G technology touted as iBurst. Sounds futuristic and canggih.

4G wireless broadband

Even the name “iZZi” sounds interesting. Basically it represents — Easy to use, easy to access, easy to buy, easy to plug n play, easy for mobility – incredible user-friendliness and flexibility! A quick check on their website caught my interest and I called up to inquire more.

The PCMCIA iZZione package costs RM1,138 per year. Not too expensive compared to other providers in Malaysia such as Streamyx and Maxis. But the coverage is only within Klang Valley only and it’s really pathetic as my area is not yet covered! What the heck they claim they have covered 70% of Klang Valley?

One more thing, you need to pay up-front 12 months and their is no trial period. If their connectivity and service sucks, then you are the one who suffers. However, if you are interested to speak to a lovely voice, do call this number 1300 88 8638. 🙂